Workshop on ``Constraint Based Formalisms and Linguistic Analysis''

The following letter was sent out to various individuals and research groups in Europe who are active in the field of constraint-based linguistic frameworks:

We will be holding a two day workshop on Constraint Based Formalisms and Linguistic Analysis at Essex Friday January 12th and Saturday January 13th 2001. This workshop is part of the on-going collaboration between Essex and Tuebingen within the context of the DAAD/British Council funded project CLAIRE, which provides support for Essex and Tuebingen people to meet together and discuss themes of common interest.

The format of the workshop is intended to allow for a combination of "tutorial" or "extended presentation" material and contributed talks, with plenty of time for discussion and interaction. On the morning of Friday January 12th Frank Richter will give an extended presentation of RSRL (Relational Speciate Re-entrant Language), a logical language which provides a comprehensive formalism for HPSG. It is likely that there will be an additional invited talk.

If you are interested in attending the workshop and would like to offer a talk on any area of Constraint-Based Linguistics, please contact Louisa Sadler ( by December 15th 2000, in the best case with a short abstract.

Unfortunately, the project CLAIRE is unable to fund travel and accommodation for participants from institutions other than Essex and Tuebingen, although we can, of course, make all necessary local arrangements for accommodation.

Frank Richter
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