General Information

Bound Word:    
Expression:     get one’s/someone’s dander up
to make oneself/someone angry


[A5]  →  nicht-dekompo
[dobrovolskij:88]  →  wechsel
[brewers]  →  attested (p.319)        Is your dander up or riz? Is your anger excited? Are you in a rage? This is generally considered to be an Americanism, but it is of uncertain origin, and as a synonym for anger has been a common dialect word in several English counties. In the present sense it is more likely that it is one of the words (like waffle, and hook for a point of land) imported into America by the early Dutch colonists, from donder, thunder: the Dutch op donderen is to burst into a sudden rage. Other suggestions are that it is from dandruff, this is being humorously substituted for the hair itself; that is a figurative use of dander, the old name in the West Indies of America for a ferment used in the preparation of molasses; and that is a euphemism for damned anger.
[random]  →  attested (p. 505)        loose scales formed on the skin and shed from the coat or feathers of various animals, often causing allergic reactions in susceptible persons. 2. Informal. anger, temper: Don’t get your dander up over such a trifle. [1825-351; alter. of DANDRUFF]
[schemannknight]  →  non-attested       
[wyld]  →  attested (p.275)        n. Etymol. unknown. Temper, anger, in Phr. to get one’s dander up, to rouse to anger
[BBI]  →  attested (p.89)        n. [“temper”] (colloq.) to get one’s dander up
[Collins]  →  attested (p.93)        get someone’s dander up; If someone gets your dander up, they make you feel very annoyed and angry, This is an old-fashioned expression.
[Cambridge]  →  non-attested
[Coll]  →  non-attested
[Oxford]  →  attested (p.72)        get your dander up: lose your temper; become angry

Syntactic Information

Syntactic Category of the Bound Word:     NN           
Syntactic Category of the Expression:     VP           
Syntactic Structure of the Expression:     [VP[Vget][NP[NP][Ndander]][PPup]]     Example(s)       


Tool:     Google       
Sample Query:     dander up     Outputs(s)