Eine XML-Kodierung für AVM-Beschreibungen

Manfred Sailer and Frank Richter

In: Henning Lobin (ed): Proceedings of the Annual Spring Meeting of the Gesellschaft für linguistische Datenverarbeitung (Society for Computational Linguistics and Language Technology), Gießen, 28.-30.3.2001. pp.161-168

Paper presented at the GlDV Jahrestagung 2001 in Gießen in March 2001.
Starting from the observation that existing platforms for the implementation of HPSG grammars use incompatible formats for the representation of attribute value matrices (AVMs), we suggest an XML-based specification of AVMs. Our new representation of AVMs is a suitable data transfer format at the interfaces of existing HPSG systems, and it contributes to easing the problems that come with incompatible data structures.
The paper is written in German.

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Frank Richter