ROLC, Special Issue:

Empirical Challenges and Analytical Alternatives to Strict Compositionality

Journal of Research on Language and Computation

Guest Editors: Frank Richter, Manfred Sailer

The Workshop Empirical Challenges and Analytical Alternatives to Strict Compositionality at ESSLLI'05 in Edinburgh brought together linguists working in different grammatical frameworks to discuss current issues of compositionality in semantics. The special issue of the Journal of Research on Language and Computation is planned as a follow-up to this workshop.


Compositionality has been a key methodological theme in natural language semantics. Recently, a number of innovative systems for combinatorial semantics have been proposed which seem not to obey compositionality at first sight. Such systems are based on unification, underspecification, linear logic, categorial grammar, variable free semantics, extensions of Montague Grammar, dynamic semantics, and Tree Adjoining Grammar, to name the most prominent research areas. The motivation behind these systems is often computational in nature, but the mechanisms they employ also provide new insights and analytical alternatives for outstanding problems in the combinatorial semantics of natural languages. These include scope ambiguities, multiple exponents of semantic operators, cohesion, ellipsis, coordination, and modifier attachment ambiguities.

Papers should address the topic of compositionality either from an empirical or from a logical perspective. We wish to invite papers discussing linguistic data which pose a challenge to compositionality as well as papers presenting new mechanisms for defining a compositional semantics which can address well-known challenges in innovative ways.

Workshop participants are particularly encouraged to develop journal papers based on their contributions to the proceedings. However, we would also like to see new submissions of work that was not presented at the workshop. All papers will be subject to anonymous peer review as arranged by the editors.

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