Grading Policies

Your final grade for the course will be determined using the following weights:


Homework: 25%
Lab: 30%
Midterm Exam: 20% Wed, Dec 15, 2010
Final Exam: 20% Wed, Feb 2, 2011

This grade scale will be used to convert the weighted scores to a final letter grade.


Attendance and participation at the lectures and lab sessions will be monitored.  Failure to attend and participate in a course meeting on more than two occasions during the semester without proper excuse will result in a 5% deduction from your final grade.  The most common reason to miss a class session is due to illness.  Missed classes for other reasons should be discussed with the instructor ahead of time and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Excuses will not be given to extend holidays.  Make your plane/train reservations accordingly.

Missing a class session due to illness:
If you are ill, present a note from your doctor (called an "Attest" in German) in order to be excused from class. 

If you have been excused from a lab session, see the lab instructor to make arrangements to make up the missed work.

Missing a lab session without a proper excuse will result in a score of 0 for that lab. 

Missing an exam due to illness:
If you are too ill to take an exam, you must inform me by email or phone AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE the start of the exam, and present an "Attest" from your doctor when you return to class.  Make-up exams for anyone who has been excused from an exam will take place on the following days:

Wed,  Dec 22,  10:00 (Midterm make-up)
Wed,    Feb 9,    9:00   (Final make-up)

Missing an exam without a proper excuse will result in a score of 0 for that exam.

Grading of homework and lab assignments:

Grades for homework and lab assignments will be based on correctness and style.  Make sure that your code compiles, functions correctly, and conforms to the coding conventions set down in the Style Guide.
Follow the directions given in the assignment.  Naming your classes and methods as requested will make grading the assignments easier and put the grader in a better mood when assigning your score.
Write junit tests thoroughly!  We will write our own tests, which should also pass.
No points will be given for code that does not compile.
No late submissions will be accepted.

Honor Code

You are encouraged to help one another in this course.  We all need a little help sometimes and you can also learn quite a bit from helping others.  However, there is a fine line between getting help and copying.  You will not learn anything by copying! If you get help on an assignment, you must acknowledge it by giving their name(s) in the file header comment.

Note that you should be prepared to answer questions about any code that you hand in for grading.

Things you are allowed to do:
Things you are not allowed to do:

Homework Submission

Homework assignments should be submitted to Anne Brock by email:  javaiscl (at
  1. Attach all necessary source files (.java) to the email, or create and attach an archive (tar, zip) of the source files.
  2. Use the homework number in the subject line (e.g. hw 1 submission)
  3. Give your full name in the message text
Before you submit, make sure that:
  1. Your source code compiles.
  2. You have followed our coding conventions.
  3. Each source code file starts with the following comment (replace the colored parts with the requested information):
* Course: Data Structures and Algorithms for Language Processing WS 2010/2011
* Assignment: (Enter the assignment, hw1 exercise1, for example)
* Author: (Enter your full name here)
* Description: (Enter a description of your program here)
* Honor Code: I pledge that this program represents my own work.
* I received help from:
* (enter the names of others that helped with the assignment, or
 * no one if you received no help)
 * in designing and debugging my program.