A Web-based Course in Grammar Formalisms and Parsing


Since late 2001 I have been working on a web-based textbook on the logical foundations and grammar writing in HPSG. As a textbook designed for use in an eLearning environment, it is accompanied by teaching software that gives the reader immediate feedback and help in solving the exercises in each section. The electronic version of the textbook (the ILIAS edition), created in collaboration with two subcontractors within the project Grammar Formalisms and Parsing of the MiLCA consortium, was completed in April 2004, with minor revisions being made in the first quarter of 2005.

It is an unfortunate problem of the ILIAS edition that it is only available on a password-protected eLearning server of the Seminar für Sprachwissenschaft at the University of Tübingen. To give a wider audience direct and easy access to the textbook, Katja Ovchinnikova and I took the text and functionality of the ILIAS edition and converted the original electronic textbook into an equivalent PDF edition. The PDF edition of A Web-based Course in Grammar Formalisms and Parsing comprises the complete text of the electronic textbook as well as all links to the various on-line resources belonging to the course material. As a special feature, the PDF edition has a new on-line glossary which is linked at the end of each subsection.

Whereas the ILIAS edition of the textbook will stay frozen in the state it reached in early 2005, I will keep extending the PDF edition. Users of these materials should thus occasionally check whether they still have the latest version. Despite the fact that this is still work-in-progress, I will make an effort to ensure that every release provided on this web page is internally fully consistent and functional. Therefore, no matter which version you use, please let me know about any errors you might find in the text and about any problems you encounter with links or software.


On-line Resources

Here comes a systematic selection of links to the central constituents of the course materials:

Frank Richter