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Pre-publication versions of papers, and other material

Who am I, and what is this all about?

My work in linguistics concerns many different aspects of negative polarity items (syntax, semantics, psycholinguistics, corpus linguistics), topics in (computational) semantics, corpus linguistics and mathematical foundations of linguistic theories. Every year I spend some time with Gerald Penn on the extension of the TRALE grammar implementation environment. Our work there ranges from the graphical user interface to debugging tools and, most importantly, improving the implementation of Lexical Resource Semantics in a computational framework we call CLLRS. Last but not least I fill the role of server administrator at our department, which is why this page is on the Internet at all, like all the other electronic tools and repositories of our department.

Among the semantic and computational semantic topics of the various papers from between 2007 and 2009 below are: The interaction of strong quantifiers and epistemic modals in English and German (joint work with Manfred Sailer), polyadic quantification as a means to analyze negative concord (with Gianina Iordăchioaia), the analysis of German negative polarity items (with Jan-Philipp Soehn), a typologically oriented comparative analysis of negative concord in German and French (with Manfred Sailer), and a comparison of semantics in Lexicalized Tree Adjoining Grammar and Lexical Resource Semantics (with Laura Kallmeyer).

Various papers from between 2007 and 2009

Drafts and preliminary versions of papers (from before the above)

A Web-based Course in Grammar Formalisms and Parsing

A Web-based Course in Grammar Formalisms and Parsing is a textbook on grammar writing in HPSG. It originated within the project Grammar Formalisms and Parsing of the MiLCA consortium and later reached over 370 pages in its pdf edition. It served as textbook in one of my courses at Universität Tübingen. Since it comprises many different textual and computational components, there is a separate web page for it.

Improved Bibtex-XML-HTML software package

The software package for translating bibtex bibliographies to webpages that I have been working on with colleagues and students in the past few years is finally available for Linux. Here are the new webpages:
The Bibtex-XML-HTML Project Pages

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