Chuck Fillmore honored by the ACL

Chuck Fillmore has received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Association for Computational Linguistics.

Chuck Fillmore (1929-2014) has been one of the most influential linguistists in the last 50 years.  His work centers around syntax and lexical semantics. He is one of the founders of Construction Grammar and has developed the theoretical basis of frame semantics. His approach to language tries to achieve a formally precise analysis of all aspects of the language. He also is a pioneer in combining theoretical work with computational linguistic applications.

Congratulations to Chuck Fillmore!


More information on this event, including Chuck Fillmore’s acceptance speech can be found at the website of the FrameNet project.

Update 2014:

Chuck Fillmore died February 13, 2014. His Berkeley hompage now contains a short biography and notes of appreciation from former colleagues and students.