Crysmann introduces Information-based Morphology

October 11, 10am-6pm, Berthold Crysmann (Paris) will offer a full-day introduction to Information-based Morphology (IbM, Crysmann & Bonami 2016)  in room IG 3.201. Everyone is cordially invited!

Information-based Morphology is a constraint-based approach to inflectional morphology. Its full potential can be seen in analyses of inflectional phenomena such as variable morph ordering and multiple exponence. The course will provide the participants with a practical working knowledge of this framework.

Note: Berthold will be in Frankfurt from Tuesday, 10.10., to Thursday, 12.10.. If you would like to meet with him, please contact me ( Berthold’s visit is part of the DAAD-funded research cooperation One-to-Many Correspondences in Morphology, Syntax, and Semantics.


Crysmann, Berthold & Olivier Bonami. 2016. Variable Morphotactics in Information-based Morphology.  Journal of Linguistics 52: 311-374.


Poster at “Sinn und Bedeutung”, Berlin/Potsdam, 7.-10.9.2017

Over the last year, the projects NRR (Non-restrictive Relative Clauses) and CON (Constraint-based Analysis of relative clauses) worked together on non-restrictive relative clauses with split antecedents. The results of this cooperation were presented as a poster at this year’s Sinn und Bedeutung, Berlin/Potsdam, 7.-10.9.2017. The poster was presented by Claudia Poschmann and co-authored by Claudia Poschmann, Sascha Bargmann, Christopher Götze, Anke Holler, Manfred Sailer, Gert Webelhuth, and T. Ede Zimmermann.