New colleague: Jana-Elina Jordan

The linguistics department of the IEAS has welcomed a new member this term, Jana-Elina Jordan. She will present herself in this blog entry.


My academic journey started with a bachelor’s degree in English
Studies and Romance Studies at Goethe-University Frankfurt, where I
specialized in English and French linguistics. To expand and deepen my
knowledge in theoretical linguistics, I continued my studies at
Goethe-University Frankfurt with a master’s degree in Linguistics.
Having previously worked as a student assistant and tutor in the
linguistics department of the IEAS, I am excited to return as a PhD


I am interested in different phenomena at the
syntax-semantics-pragmatics interface, especially from an empirical
and contrastive perspective. For example, in my master’s thesis, I
investigated the interaction between information structure and word order variation in the German middle field using corpus and
experimental methods. As a member of Project B01 within the SFB
„NegLab,“ I will be carrying out corpus and experimental studies on
negation and quantification in German.