Videos Introduction to Linguistics


Phonetics 1: consonants

Phonetics 2: vowels and suprasegmental features


Phonological processes:


Morpheme classes (complete lecture):

Morpheme classes, Part 1:

Word formation processes:


There are six videos covering the syntax part of the Introduction to Linguistics. The slides of all six videos can be downloaded as one file here.

video 1/6: Introduction (21′)

video 2/6: Clauses (16′)

video 3/6: Words and parts of speech (35′)

video 4/6: Constituents (40′)

video 5/6: Grammatical functions (38′)

video 6/6: Comparison English-German (13′)

Other syntax videos

Tree terminology:

Six steps in a syntactic analysis:


Video on meaning relations between words and sentences, and on various types of ambiguity.

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