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Asadpour et al. at HPSG 2022

Hiwa Asadpour, Shene Hassan & Manfred Sailer sketch an analysis of English and Sōrānī Kurdish non-wh relatives in their talk at HPSG 2022 (July 29-31, 2022) on “Non-wh relatives in English and Kurdish: Constraints on grammar and use.” In both languages, there is variation between bare relatives and relatives introduced by a function word, that and ka respectively. The authors discuss some aspects of social meaning that is attached to the choice between the bare and the non-bare variant. Continue reading Asadpour et al. at HPSG 2022

DGfS 2023 workshop on “Coexistence, competition, and change …”

Next year’s annual meeting of the German Linguistics Society, DGfS 2023 (Cologne, March 8-10), will host a workshop on Coexistence, competition, and change: Structural borrowing and the dynamics of asymmetric language contact, organized by Hiwa Asadpour, Carolina Plaza-Pust, and Manfred Sailer. The workshop is part of the activities of the  informal special interest group  Dynamics of Asymmetric Language Contact  (DALC) that Carolina, Hiwa, and  Manfred have recently started. The workshop aims at bringing together various lines of research in the investigation of the dynamics of asymmetric language contact Continue reading DGfS 2023 workshop on “Coexistence, competition, and change …”

Sailer & Smith with a poster at Sinn und Bedeutung 2022

Manfred Sailer & Suzanne Smith will present a poster at Sinn und Bedeutung 2022, Prague, 14.-16.9.2022, with the title “In ages is not an NPI, which explains its distribution.”

This research is based on Suzanne’s BA thesis, in which she extracted detailed corpus profiles for the negative polarity items (NPIs) in a milion/thousand/… years and contrasted them with the Continue reading Sailer & Smith with a poster at Sinn und Bedeutung 2022


Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on Low-Resource Languages (ETPOLL2022) – Passive and relative clause structures

Host Institution: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Dates: 16-Jun-2022 – 20-Jun-2022
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

During the course of the workshop, we will discuss various empirical and theoretical approaches in the study of low-resource languages, with a particular focus on passive and relative clause structures. Our topics are relevant for researchers in the fields of linguistic typology, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, empirical linguistics, and applied linguistics.

The languages which will be covered in this workshop include: Arabic, Armenian, Azeri Turkic, Balochi, Domari, Japanese, Kurdish, Neo-Aramaic, Persian, Romeyka, Turkish  Continue reading ETPOLL 2022

Student workshop “Research in English Linguistics”

The third instantiation of the student workshop REsearch in English Linguistics (REEL Day 2021) will take place online Saturday, February 13, 1:00-3:30pm.

The workshop is based on a cooperation between the working group English Linguistics of Gutenberg University Mainz and the IEAS working group linguistics. Students from Mainz and Frankfurt will Continue reading Student workshop “Research in English Linguistics”