Studying English Linguistics

In Frankfurt, you can study English Linguistics as part of other study programs.

Profile of English Linguistics in Frankfurt

English linguistics is concerned with the history, the structure, and the use of the English language an its varieties. The linguistics section of the Institute for English and American Studies has the following two main areas of research:

  • Syntax: the structure of English sentences
  • Semantics: the meaning of linguistic expressions

Our special interest lies in the syntax-semantics interface, this is the relation between form and meaning.

We look at the following linguistic phenomena: Relative clauses, non-canonical constructions, idiomatic expressions, and negation. Our research combines empirical work, primarily using corpora, with a formal grammatical modelling, in particular within Head-driven Phrase Structure Grammar (HPSG), construction grammar, and Lexical Resource Semantics (LRS).

Our research group is well integrated in the linguistic activities at Goethe University. We are currently participating in the DFG Research Group “Relative Clauses” and in the DFG Graduate School “Nominal Modification”.

Studying English Linguistics in Frankfurt

The linguistics section of the Institute for English and American Studies participates in the following study programs:

Lehramt Englisch:

BA English Studies

BA Empirische Sprachwissenschaft

MA Empirische Sprachwissenschaft

MA Linguistics

Note: This is not an MA in English Linguistics, but in General Linguistics.

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