REEL Day 2023

REsearch in English Linguistics
(REEL Day 2023)
Digital data in English linguistics

Saturday, 11.2.2023, 9am-6pm
IG Building NG 1.741b

This is the fifth joint REEL Day of the working groups on English linguistics of Gutenberg University Mainz and Goethe University Frankfurt a.M.. The workshop is based on seminars taught at the two universities. Students will have the opportunity to present their in-class research projects to fellow students from the partner university. After two online instantiation, we are excited that the 2023  REEL Day can take place on campus.

There are no Corona restrictions in place. For everybody’s comfort, it would be appreciated if all participants took a Corona self-test before the workshop.

Please contact Manfred Sailer ( if you are interested in attending.


Ulrike Schneider (Mainz)
Manfred Sailer (Frankfurt a.M., local organization)

Invited speaker

Dr. Claudia Lehmann (Potsdam)


Here are directions from the station (Hauptbahnhof) to the University, with the route on foot from the U-Bahn station Holzhausenstrasse to the University shown as well (5 mins walk)

From Frankfurt/Main Central Station:

  • Take the subway (U-Bahn): U4 (direction Seckbacher Landstr.) or U5 (direction Siegmund-Freud-Str) 
    exit at Willy-Brandt-Platz (1 stop!)
  • Change to U1 (Ginnheim), U2 (Bad Homburg Gonzenheim), U3 (Oberursel Hohemark), or U8 (Riedberg),
    exit at Holzhausenstraße (4 stops)
  • About 6 minutes walk from there.
    Note that we are in the so-called Nebengebäude of the IG Farben building.

You can get a campus plan here

Other practical information

Unfortunately, there is very limited catering on campus on Saturday, but there is a supermarket nearby.

On campus:

Here are some places for lunch near campus:

Preliminary Program

Download all abstracts in one file: REEL-Day23-booklet.pdf

chair: Manfred Sailer
9.15-10.15 Claudia Lehmann (Potsdam) Multimodal constructions in spoken English. A corpus-based approach.
10.15-10.45 Leonie Dewes, Michelle Kollross, Loris Manke & Karl Tovar (Mainz) Facework Analysis: Confessional YouTube Videos of Female and Male Content Creators
10.45-11.15 coffee break  
chair: Ulrike Schneider
11.15-11.44 Josephine Koennecke, Julia Skoluda, Lara Becker & Charlotte Stüber (Mainz) The “Functions” of Air Quotes in Spoken English
11.45-12.15 Anna-Maria Kiemen, Jana Haas, Jenna Emilia Martha Hopfe, Mieke Laurisch & Marc Belling (Mainz) “I’ll be there early … Ish.” A corpus-based analysis of the morpheme –ish in contemporary American English
12.15-12.45 Miriam Ertel, Jennifer Franz, Marie-Kristin Schmadel, Lieselotte Dickes & Sarah Matok (Mainz) “They were still tryna find a way to deʃtroy me”. A case study of /str/ palatalization in the speech of Meghan Markle 
12.45-13.45 lunch break  
chair: Manfred Sailer
13.45-14.15 Amé Beert, Luca Bindi & Emma Twedt (Mainz) Sarcastic much? Use of the X + much construction
14.15-14.45 Elise Frankline Kiehne, Annika Nowak, Evelyn Schütz, Emelie Henrike Lambertz und Alexander Gelmann (Mainz) A corpus-based study of because X in web-based language across three varieties of English
14.45-15.15 Yasemin Akbulut, Nikola Brzoska & Nadia Rubinskii “Sew those lips and dig, Elf!” – Is the term elf used as a slur in the TV series “The Rings of Power”?
15.15-15.45 coffee break  
chair: Ulrike Schneider
15.45-16.15 Sofia Rossato & Maria de Marchi (Frankfurt a.M.) How do people from the Middle Earth interact in different communicative situations?
16.15-16.45 Lisa Henties, Gaia Pavlovic, Alessia Di Giorgi & Charlie Gumbs (Frankfurt a.M.) “I don’t speak firefly.” People-specific expressions and topics in “The Rings of Power”
16.45-17.15 Ouiam El Bakhchouche, Gizem Bozdogan, Laila Maach & Yaroslava Klaus (Frankfurt a.M.) The Use of Regional Accents in The Rings of Power: Do the Harfoots speak with an Irish accent?
17.15-17.30 Final discussion  


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