Oberseminar WiSe 2023/24

Timetable for Oberseminar Syntax and Semantics, WiSe 2023/24

All meetings take place Monday, 16:15-17:45, in IG 3.201. Occasionally we might be on Zoom or have a speaker on Zoom. Please contact  Frank Richter for access information to the online meetings. Members of the OLAT group of the seminar will receive the link in email.

Date Speaker Topic
16.10. Frank Richter Welcome meeting, semester planning
23.10. Frank Richter Curricular planning (finalizing SoSe 24, organizing WiSe 24/25)
30.10. Manfred Sailer (joint work with Nicolas Lamoure) Borrowed emphatic superlative ‘ever’ in Dutch, French, German, and Spanish (HPSG proceedings paper)
6.11. Frank Richter LLMs and Linguistic CoPilots 1 (Michael Hahn’s slides on language models)
13.11. Jamie Findlay Parsing, fast and slow: a two-systems approach to some topics in linguistics (abstract)
20.11. Frank Richter LLMs and Linguistic CoPilots 2
27.11. Kolloquium Katharina Hartmann Talk by Gerd Carling at the Institut für Linguistik, NG 2.701
4.12. Frank Richter LLMs and Linguistic CoPilots 3
11.12. Iverina Ivanova Designing a GPT 1 (Customizing a Chatbot Using Embeddings Pt.1)
18.12. Santa Christmas party
8.1. Iverina Ivanova Designing a GPT 2
15.1. Klaus von Heusinger Interpretation of Indefinites – Information Structure and Modification (long abstract)
22.1. Sascha Bargmann Research with GPTs
29.1. Gert Webelhuth Bayesian linear models
5.2. Jesús Olguín Martínez `Until’ constructions and expletive negation (abstract)

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