Why another linguistic blog?

There are a number of blogs on linguistics in the internet, with the Language Log among its most prominent representatives. These blogs have provided us with many sharp, interesting, well-informed and also entertaining remarks on linguistic observations.

Our blog has a different focus and a different intended audience. Our blog stands in an educational context. This means that we primarily present material created for and/or by students. The content addresses topics from English linguistics, general linguistics, or computational linguistics. The focus is on formal and empirical questions, but we do not neglect possibilities to connect our core interests with current events such as language related holidays or activities of our department.

This site came into existence in the summer term 2012. It will host and document research and teaching activities in formal, empirical, and computational linguistics, with a special focus on English linguistics.

What can you expect to find on this site?

  • Pointers to research resources, in particular those developed by the participating researchers.
  • Teaching material such as pod casts on linguistic topics and other material, created for courses or within courses taught by the participating researchers.
  • Notes on events relating to linguistics or languages, such as the English Language Day (23 April), the International Mother Language Day (21 February), and similar.
  • …. other interesting things that come to our or to your mind

We hope you will enjoy the material collected here and we are looking forward to your input and contributions!

Manfred, Frank, …

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