Digital Data in English Linguistics 2021

REsearch in English Linguistics
(REEL Day 2021)
Digital data in English linguistics

Saturday, 13.2.2021, 1.00-3.30pm
– online –

Organizers: Ulrike Schneider (Mainz), Matthias Eitelmann (Mainz) & Manfred Sailer (Frankfurt, local organization)

This is the third joint REEL Day of the working groups on English linguistics of Gutenberg University Mainz and Goethe University Frankfurt. The workshop is based on seminars taught at the two universities. Students will have the opportunity to present their in-class research projects to fellow students from the partner university.

The 2021 instantiation takes place online. All talks have been pre-recorded and the time of the workshop will be devoted to the interaction between the authors and the audience. This means that the pre-recorded talks should have been watched before the meeting.

Please contact Manfred Sailer ( if you are interested in attending. You can, then, receive access to the pre-recorded talks and to the workshop itself.


1.00-1.15 Welcome
  Chair: Sailer
1.15-1.30 “Ahm jast fahn” or “I’m just fine”? Auditory and acoustic analyses of young Southern speakers’ pronunciation of PRICE Weis & the class American Accents (Mainz)
1.30-1.45 The impact of the pandemic on the vocabulary Meling, Kann, Siebert & Wagner (Mainz)
1.45-2.00 Internet memes – Memes as a communication strategy during Covid-19 Zientek, Fähnle, Bostan, Domaschenko (Mainz)
2.00-2.15 Coffee break
  Room 1: Euphemism
Chair: Schneider
Room 2: Emotion
Chair: Eitelmann
2.14-2.30 Is a loser always a loser? How the interpretations of apparent insults vary in different syntactic environments and emotionally-loaded contexts Form, Muris, & Hessberger (Frankfurt) Determining sentiment: A sentence sentiment analysis in political discourse from speeches by Boris Johnson regarding SARS-CoV-2 Jung, Koloper, Landzettel & Wenzel (Frankfurt)
2.30-2.45 The euphemism in political speeches: An analysis of the use of the word war and the meaning behind it Preissler, Buera, Franke, Loth & Agirbas (Frankfurt) Emotional collocates of lockdown tweets Hillenbrand, Bechtel, Kypraki, Zang & Bückner (Frankfurt)
2.45-3.00 “Just use the nice words” – Society’s idea of sex as a taboo topic and the resulting usage of euphemism in different age groups Fleckenstein, Uddin, Mecks & De Nobile (Frankfurt) “Yuck, that’s disgusting.” – Emotion harmony after interjections Adam, Nordhausen, & Bodensohn (Frankfurt)


3.00-3.15 “I am not pro-abortion; I am pro-choice”: How euphemisms shape political discussions of abortion Khúc, Mahmud, Ockernahl, Salewski, Spellerberg & Stoddard (Frankfurt) “Don‘t be afraid, Hermione!“? Gender and emotional expressions in female and male characters in “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” Ivanova & Beierlein (Frankfurt)
3.15-3.30 Closing

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