Emmon Bach (1929-2014)

Emmon Bach during the Emmon Fest, Frankfurt a.M. 2014
Emmon Bach during the Emmon Fest, Frankfurt a.M. 2014 (Photo: Frank Richter, CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


It is with great sadness that we learned that Emmon Bach died on November 28.

The website http://emmonbach.info is a place for sharing memories and contains many pictures from the Emmon Fest in Frankfurt just a few months ago.

Emmon’s colleagues from SOAS have have posted a Tribute to Emmon Bach.

An obituary has been posted on the Language Log.

TAU-GU Workshop on Relative Clauses

November 27th to 30th, the Research Group Relative Clauses hosted a workshop on relative clauses, sponsored by the Strategic Parnership Program (DAAD) and the Research Group 1783 (DFG). The aim of the workshop was to intensify the scientific cooperation between Tel Aviv University and  Goethe University Frankfurt.

There were three presentations from members of the IEAS linguistics section:

  • Sascha Bargmann (Frankfurt): About bear services and flabbergasted building blocks – Applying Soehn’s idiom theory to English data.
  • Gert Webelhuth (Frankfurt), Sascha Bargmann (Frankfurt) & Christopher Götze (Göttingen): Idioms as evidence for the proper analysis of relative clauses.
  • Christopher Götze (Göttingen): On Jacobson’s and Barker’s analysis of binding-theoretic reconstruction effects.