Colloquium: Recent Trends in Linguistic Research

Petra Schulz and Manfred Sailer offer a research colloquium during the summer term 2017.  The colloquium takes place:

 Tuesday, 14.15-15.45 in room IG 0.251

All presentations are open to everyone. Dates marked as “internal meeting”  will serve for the preparation of exams and/or theses.

Date Presenter Topic
18.4. Petra Schulz (Frankfurt a.M.) Acquisition of telicity in SLI
25.4. Céline Pozniak (Paris) Relative clause processing, structural and linear distance matter – Evidence from Mandarin, Cantonese and English Visual World experiments
(joint work with Jiaying Huang and Barbara Hemforth)
2.5. no meeting
Attend the Relative Clause workshop, May 4-6
9.5. internal meeting  
16.5. a. Imme Kuchenbrandt (Frankfurt a.M.)

b. Manfred Sailer (Frankfurt a.M.)

a. tba

b. Kinegrams

 23.5. Nicolas Lamoure (Frankfurt a.M.)  tba
 30.5. internal meeting  
6.6. Verner Egerland (Lund) & Dianne Jonas (Frankfurt a.M.) tba
 13.6. NN tba
20.6. Merle Weicker (Frankfurt a.M.) tba
27.6. NN tba
4.7. internal meeting  
11.7. Johannes Mursell (Frankfurt a.M.) Object agreement in Swahili is topic agreement
18.7. Cristina M. M. Flores (Braga) Attrition and reactivation