Müller: Minimal(ist) syntax

Stefan Müller
(Humboldt University, Berlin)

will present his work on

Minimal(ist) styntax

Wednesday, June 22
2.15-3.45 pm
in room Cas 1.802
and on zoom

I will outline the grammars of several Germanic languages in this talk. The grammar is minimal in the sense that arguments are combined with heads directly in the positions in which they appear or in which they appear in some clause types (verb-last vs. verb-first). This will be contrasted with models assuming that all languages are SVO langauges underlyingly (Kayne, 1994) or SOV (Haider, 2010). I discuss Germanic SVO languages and SOV languages and also Yiddish wich has a mixed VP with the in initial in final or in intermediate positions.

Meeting ID: 995 1639 6639
Password: SynSem

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