Oberseminar SoSe 2017

Timetable for the Oberseminar  (16:15-17:45, in IG 3.201)

Date Speaker Topic
24.4.  Overview and Preparation for “Abschlussworkshop Forschergruppe”  
1.5.  Public holiday  
8.5.  Gert Webelhuth: Binding Theory  
 15.5.  Gert Webelhuth: Binding Theory  
22.5.  Gert Webelhuth: Binding Theory  
29.5.  Manfred Sailer: Non-at issue content in Lexical Resource Semantics  
5.6. Public holiday  
 12.6. Thomas Hoffmann (Eichstätt-Ingolstatt): Football Chants as Multimodal Constructions  
 19.6.  Gert Webelhuth: Scope  


Susanne Flach (Université de Neuchâtel): “We must be born with it … maybe … are we?” A case study in morphological constraint acquisition

10-12 Uhr: Präsentation einer von Frau Flach entwickelten  korpuslinguistischen Infrastruktur (cpq@fu)

3.7.  Iryna Gurevych and Johannes Daxenberger (Darmstadt). Neural Text Classification and its Applications for Metaphor Identification and Argumention Mining  
10.7.  Gert Webelhuth: Scope  
17.7.  End of term gathering  

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