Oberseminar SoSe 2018

Timetable for the Oberseminar (16:15-17:45, in IG 3.201)

For any questions concerning this semester’s Oberseminar, please contact Frank Richter. For calendars, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Date Speaker Topic
9.4. Frank Richter Semesterplanung
16.4. Frank Richter Tilman N. Höhle: Traces and lexical rules in HPSG: Chapter 14, 15 (Section 1) and 16 from Gesammelte Schriften
23.4.  Frank Richter
Höhle continued
30.4.  Niko Schenk Retrieving Implicit Information from Text (abstract)
7.5. staff Curricular planning (finalizing WiSe 18/19, organizing SoSe 19)
14.5. Gert Webelhuth, Olivier Bonami (Paris) Periphrasis and morphosyntactic mismatch in Czech (abstract)
28.5. Doug Arnold (Essex), Sascha Bargmann, Manfred Sailer Update constraints on idioms in non-restrictive relative clauses
4.6. Frank Richter We want more: CLLRS
11.6. Frank Richter Too much is not enough: CLLRS
18.6. Frank Richter, Manfred Sailer Negative conjuncts and negative concord across the board
25.6. Jamie Findlay (Oxford) How (not) to analyse multiword expressions (abstract)
2.7. Wolfgang Maier Speech systems in cars
9.7. staff Semesterausklang


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