Oberseminar WiSe 2018/19

Timetable for “Oberseminar Syntax and Semantics, WiSe 2018/19”

All meetings will take place Monday, 16.15-17.45, IG 3.201

Coordination: Gert Webelhuth

Date Speaker Topic
15.10. Gert Webelhuth (Frankfurt a.M.)  
22.10. Monica Rizea (Bucharest) Romanian vre-NPIs. An empirical investigation
29.10. Markus Steinbach (Göttingen) Discourse Referents in Space – Experimental Studies on Anaphora Resolution in German Sign Language
5.11. Gert Webelhuth (Frankfurt a.M.) Curricular planning
12.11. Manfred Sailer et al. Barker (2018) Negative Polarity as Scope Marking
19.11. Berthold Crysmann (Paris) tba
26.11. Gert Webelhuth (Frankfurt a.M.) The Dutch pronoun “er”
10.12. Sascha Bargmann, Berit Gehrke & Frank Richter Modification of literal meaning in semantically non-decomposable idioms
17.12. Christmas gathering
14.1. Klaus Müllner (Frankfurt a.M.) The pronunciation of words in isolation (“citation forms”) and in connected speech (“connected speech forms”)

postponed to the summer term

21.1. Gregory Poarch postponed to Feb 11
28.1. Frank Richter (Frankfurt a.M.) CLLRS
4.2. Dianne Jonas (Frankfurt a.M.) Non-canonical clauses in Shetland Dialect
11.2. Gregory Poarch Lexical access, L2 word mapping, and cognitive control – exploring language and cognitive processing in multilinguals

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