Oberseminar WiSe 2017/18

Timetable for the Oberseminar (16:15-17:45, in IG 3.201)

For any questions concerning this semester’s Oberseminar, please contact Manfred Sailer.

Date Speaker Topic
11.10. Berthold Crysmann (Paris)
(Research visit 10.-12.10.)
Information-based Morphology
10.15-17.45, IG 3.201
16.10. Manfred Sailer

Dianne Jonas


Gender-sensitivity in academia/linguistics

23.10.  no meeting  
30.10.  Gert Webelhuth tba
6.11. Manfred Sailer & Niko Schenk Curricular planning (finalizing SoSe 18, organizing WiSe 18/19)
13.11. Pegah Faghiri (Köln) (Research visit 13.-15.11.) The issue of (in)separability in Persian complex predicates: An experimental investigation
20.11. Alexis Dimitriadis (Utrecht) The cross-linguistic survey database: Problems, solutions, and new developments
27.11.  Alex Zepter (Köln) Embodiment in Sprachtheorie und Sprachdidaktik
4.12. Jackie Nordström (Frankfurt a.M.) A  functional-semantic account of case and adpositions
11.12.  Berit Gehrke (Paris)

(Research visit 11.12.-13.12.)

Modification in idioms
18.12. Santa Claus Christmas gathering
8.1. Frank Richter (Frankfurt a.M.) New developments in CLLRS: The good, the bad and the ugly
15.1. Dianne Jonas (Frankfurt a.M.) Morphosyntactic change. A case study of the verb think
22.1. Andy Lücking (Frankfurt a.M.) Quantifiers as referential expressions (joint work with Jonathan Ginzburg)
29.1.  Shene Hassan (Frankfurt a.M.) Unusual Non-restrictive Relative Clauses: “that”-NRCs and Determiner-“which”-NCRc.
5.2. Ulrike Schneider (Mainz) From bringing oneself to speak to making oneself relax. A constrastive diachronic analysis of the English multi-word causatives bring, make, get and force
20.2. Roland Schäfer (FU Berlin) Doing Research with the COW16 Corpora
Full-day practical corpus course (advanced)


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