Oberseminar WiSe 2017/18

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Timetable for the Oberseminar (16:15-17:45, in IG 3.201)

For any questions concerning this semester’s Oberseminar, please contact Manfred Sailer.

Date Speaker Topic
11.10. Berthold Crysmann (Paris)
(Research visit 10.-12.10.)
Information-based Morphology
10.15-17.45, IG 3.201
16.10. Manfred Sailer

Dianne Jonas


Gender-sensitivity in academia/linguistics

23.10.  no meeting  
30.10.  Gert Webelhuth tba
6.11. Manfred Sailer & Niko Schenk Curricular planning (finalizing SoSe 18, organizing WiSe 18/19)
13.11. Pegah Faghiri (Köln) (Research visit 13.-15.11.) The issue of (in)separability in Persian complex predicates: An experimental investigation
20.11. Alexis Dimitriadis (Utrecht) The cross-linguistic survey database: Problems, solutions, and new developments
27.11.  Alex Zepter (Köln) Embodiment in Sprachtheorie und Sprachdidaktik
4.12. Jackie Nordström (Frankfurt a.M.)  A  functional-semantic account of case and adpositions
11.12.  Berit Gehrke (Paris)

(Research visit 11.12.-13.12.)

18.12. Santa Claus Christmas gathering
8.1. Frank Richter  New Developments in CLLRS
15.1.  Dianne Jonas  tba
22.1. Andy Lücking (Frankfurt a.M.) Quantifiers as referential expressions (joint work with Jonathan Ginzburg)
29.1.  Shene Hassan Unusual Non-restrictive Relative Clauses: “that”-NRCs and Determiner-“which”-NCRc.
5.2. Ulrike Schneider (Mainz) tba

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