Members of the linguistic section of the Institute of English and American Studies participate in a number of research projects.

Ongoing projects and co-operations

  • April 2024-December 2027: Projects as part of the CRC 1629 Negation in Language and Beyond:
    • A04: Resolving the NegRaising paradox. PIs: Manfred Sailer & Hedde Zeijlstra (Göttingen)
    • B01: Negation at the interfaces: Negation and existential quantification in German. PIs: Markus Bader, Sascha Bargmann & Gert Webelhuth
    • B05: Negative Polarity Items in non-negative contexts. PIs: Frank Richter & Manfred Sailer
  • Since 2022: The Dynamics of Asymmetric Language Contact (DALC), informal special interest group, initiated by Hiwa Asadpour, Carolina Plaza-Pust and Manfred Sailer.
  • Since October 2018: Teaching cooperation REsearch in English Linguistics (REEL Day), with Arbeitsbereich Englische Sprach- und Übersetzungswissenschaft, JG University Mainz.

Completed projects and co-operations

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