Oberseminar SoSe 2023

Timetable for Oberseminar Syntax and Semantics, SoSe 2023

All meetings take place Monday, 16:15-17:45, in IG 0.251 and on Zoom. Please contact  Gert Webelhuth for access information to the meetings. Members of the OLAT group of the seminar will receive the link in email.

Date Speaker Topic
17.04. Organization
24.04. Gert Binding and Linear Order
08.05. Michael Hahn A resource-rational model of human processing of recursive linguistic structure
15.05. Curricular planning
22.05.  Sol Lago & Yvonne Portele
Discussion of Statistical Significance Testing
05.06 Jutta Hartmann Clefts and Pseudoclefts as copular clauses:
Syntax and information structure
12.06. Jamie Findlay The continued potential of rule-based semantic parsing in the era of deep learning
19.06. SFB projects
26.06. canceled due to illness
03.07. Jana Jordan The impact of information structure on scrambling: new data and considerations
10.07. End-of-Semester


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