Second Phase of Research Unit “Relative Clauses”

The second phase of Research Unit 1783 “Relative Clauses” is now approved. The research unit is funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. The second phase will run from September 2014 to August 2017.

The aim of the research unit is summarized on its web site as:

The goal of the research unit is to take a close look at relative clauses within from a variety of points of view in theoretical linguistics. Although there is no single definitive way to encapsulate the phenomenon relative clauses which clearly demarcates it from related constructions and which could cover all of its many varieties, the constructions generally summarized under the term show significant similarities with each other, and differences from other construction types that call for deeper understanding.

(, 25.4.2013)

The IEAS is represented in the research unit with one project, “CON: Constraint-based analysis of relative clauses in English and German.” CON is a joint project of the IEAS  and the German Seminar of the University of Göttingen. Members of CON are

  • in Frankfurt a.M.: Sascha Bargmann (DFG-funded), Manfred Sailer (co-leader), Frank Richter, and Gert Webelhuth (co-leader),
  • in Göttingen: Chris Götze (DFG-funded), Anke Holler (co-leader), and Thomas Weskott.

We will inform about activities of the research unit and of CON in this blog!