Pegah Faghiri’s visit

In the week of November 13-17, Pegah Faghiri (Cologne & Paris) visited our group as part of the activities of the Pars-Frankfurt network One-to-many Correspondences

Pegah gave a talk in our colloquium on “The issue of (in)separability in Persian complex predicates: An experimental investigation“, in which she argued for a connection between the degree of idiomaticity of a complex predicate and its degree of syntactic flexibility. Her visit allowed us to explore the connections between Pegah’s and Pollet Samvelian‘s work on complex predicates and word order alternations in Persian with Sascha and Manfred‘s work on idiomatic expressions. We hope that we will soon be able to post more results of this new cooperation.

Pegah’s work is also of interest for the colleagues from Empirical Linguistics and her visit allowed her to share her ideas with them, too. Pegah will be back in Frankfurt very soon, for the Frankfurt Meeting 2017 of the project Contact Linguistics in Cross-border Kurdistan (CLICK).