Paper published: Split-antecedent relative clauses

The proceedings of Sinn und Bedeutung 22 have just been published and are freely accessible for download from the semantics archive. The proceedings contain a joint contribution of the projects NRR and CON of Research Unit 1783 Relative Clauses.

In their contribution on “Split antecedent relative clauses and the symmetry of predicates”Claudia Poschmann, Sascha Bargmann, Christopher Götze, Anke Holler, Manfred Sailer, Gert Webelhuth, and Thomas Ede Zimmermann present the results of two questionnaire studies on relative clauses with split antecedents. They show that the use of a symmetric predicate as in (1) facilitates the attachment of a non-restrictive relative clause with split antecendents.

(1) Letzte Woche hat sich mein Hausarzt mit meinem Heilpraktiker gestritten, die einander sonst übrigens sehr schätzen.
‘Last week my doctor quarreled with my non-medical practitioner, who by the way normally appreciate each other.’