Webelhuth et al in “Reconstruction effects in relative clauses”

Gert Webelhuth, Sascha Barmann, & Christopher Götze have just published a paper on “Idioms as evidence for the proper analysis of relative clauses” in a volume on Reconstruction effects in relative clauses.

(Photo M. Sailer, BY-NC-ND 3.0))

The authors provide evidence against a raising analysis of relative clauses and show that the data on idioms in relative clauses can be captured elegantly in a modification analysis. Among many other highlights, the paper presents the first formal account of anaphoric relations to idiom parts across sentence boundaries.

The paper contains important results of the work of the project Constraint-based analysis of relative clauses, which was part of the DFG Research Unit Relative Clauses.


Webelhuth, Gert, Sascha Bargmann & Christopher Götze. 2018. Idioms as evidence for the proper analysis of relative clauses. In: Manfred Krifka & Matthias Schenner (eds): Reconstruction effects in relative clauses (Studia grammatica 75). Berlin: Akademie Verlag. 225-262.