Bargmann at ICEL 2023

On 25 October, Sascha Bargmann  gave a keynote talk via Zoom on “Complex Idiom Modification” at the International Conference on Advance in Education, Humanities and Language (ICEL) 2023 in Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

Sascha’s talk was based on Bargmann, Gehrke & Richter (2021) and the introductory chapter of his dissertation (Bargmann 2019).

After an introduction to idioms in general and fully-idiomatic idioms in particular, he presented Ernst (1981)’s three types of idiom modification – internal, external, and conjunction – to then zoom into conjunction modification and provide detailed analyses of two of Ernst’s examples as well as two examples from the ENCOW16A (World Englishes) corpus (accessible via

The talk can be watched at: (Sascha’s talk is about minutes 3-40)


Bargmann, Sascha. 2019. Chopping up idioms: Towards a combinatorial analysis. Frankfurt a.M.: University Library. DOI:

Bargmann, Sascha, Berit Gehrke & Frank Richter. 2021. Modification of literal meanings in semantically non-decomposable idioms. In Berthold Crysmann & Manfred Sailer (eds.), One-to-many relations in morphology, syntax, and semantics, 245–279. Berlin: Language Science Press. DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.4729808

Ernst, Thomas. 1981. Grist for the linguistic mill: Idioms and ‘extra’ adjectives. Journal of Linguistic Research 1(3). 51–68