Ivanova “Text-type Constraints on the Choice of Linguistic Mechanisms in Research Articles: A Corpus-based Approach” published

Iverina Ivanova’s dissertation is now available from the university library server.

In her dissertation, Iva investigated the structure of research articles in the field of Computational Linguistics (CL) with the goal of establishing that a set of distinctive linguistic features is associated with each section type. She analyzed the interaction between the intentional and the linguistic structure of each section type. The results from the quantitative and qualitative analysis show that each section possesses an individual profile of linguistic features which are associated with it more or less strongly. These section-feature mappings are shown to be derivable from the hypothesized intentions of each section type. Her research findings provide insights into the writing strategies that writers employ in the component sections of a research article so that the overall goal
of the article is achieved.


Ivanova, Iverina. 2023. Section-Type constraints on the choice of linguistic mechanisms in research articles: a corpus-based approach. Frankfurt a.M.: University Library.
DOI: 10.21248/gups.74388

The datasets for this thesis are available on:
DOI: 10.25716/gude.1jnt-32xh