Oberseminar WiSe 2016/17

Timetable for the Oberseminar (16:15–17:45, in IG 3.201)

Talks marked with an asterisk () are given by guests from industry who apply linguistic skills on their jobs (publishers, automobile industry, software companies).

Date Speaker Topic
17.10. Frank Richter Semesterplanung
24.10. Sascha Bargmann Idiom Licensing in Non-restrictive Relative Clauses (with Doug Arnold, University of Essex)
31.10. Bader/Webelhuth Extraposition in German: Experimental Evidence
7.11. Monika Rathert Korpuslinguistische Methoden für die Rechtslinguistik – Chancen und Risiken (abstract)
14.11. Albert Ortmann Typologie der Determination: Artikel,
Alienabilität und Kompositionalität
21.11. Staff  Curricular Planning
28.11. Jan-Philipp Söhn () Kollokationen im Wörterbuch (slides)
5.12. Cécile Meier Artikel im Schweizerdeutschen
12.12. Dianne Jonas Just do it already – On directive modal particles in English and Swedish (abstract)
19.12. Santa Claus Christmas Party
9.1. Detmar Meurers Exploring linguistic complexity in readability
analysis and L2 development (slides)
16.1. Miriam Käshammer () Machine Translation (abstract)
23.1. Iverina Ivanova E-Learning Course on Adjectival Compounds
30.1. Dirk Buschbom () A frontseat introduction to the anatomy of an automotive natural language dialogue system (abstract)
6.2. Manfred Sailer DAAD funded exchange Paris-Frankfurt on one-to-many relations in linguistics

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