Symposium in Honor of Emmon Bach

This year, Emmon Bach turns 85 years old. To celebrate this occasion, Emmon the person, and his career and accomplishments as a linguist, a symposium will be held in his honor in the Eisenhower Room of  Goethe-University Frankfurt. The Eisenhower Room was General Eisenhower’s office when he led the military government of Germany and is the most representative room of the University of Frankfurt.

Among the confirmed speakers in honor of Emmon are the following: Jim Blevins, Greg Carlson, Mary Dalrymple, Polly Jacobson, Fred Landman, Joyce McDonough, Mark Steedman, and Ede Zimmermann. A detailed program will be announced in a few days.

The event is organized by Gert Webelhuth, Jim Blevins, and Joyce McDonough and will be held in Frankfurt on June 20-21.

The general public is invited to participate in the symposium (at no cost). For local planning purposes, we request that you write to Gert Webelhuth at to let us know that you intend to participate in “EmmonFest”.