Bob Levine on ”respectively”

Bob Levine, Frankfurt a.M., 30.6.2015.
Bob Levine, Frankfurt a.M., 29.6.2015.

On June 29, Bob Levine (Ohio State University, Columbus) presented joint work with Yusuke Kubota (University of Tsukuba) on Hybrid Type-logical Categorial Grammar (Hybrid TLCG). Bob presented the empirical challenges presented by operators such as respectively, by symmetrical predicates, and summatives. He showed how they can be overcome within Hybrid TLCG.

The topic is directly relevant to ongoing research activities in our working group as it addressed a class of major challenges at the syntax-semantics interface.

An introductory text on the overall framework of Hybrid TLCG can be found at Information on recent work within this framework can be found on Yusuke’s homepage at