Holger Wochele on product names

Holger Wochele (Vienna University of Economics and Business and Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz) gave a talk on the  “Onomastics of product names” on July 6, 2015. The talk was integrated in Manfred’s class Introduction to Linguistics 2. Holger’s talk contained many eye-opening discussions on the structure and purpose of product names. Among others, he presented results of recent joint work with Firenza Fischer on the naming of financial products in Italy, Romania and Hungary.



  • Wochele, Holger and Fiorenza Fischer (to appear): Strategien zur Benennung von Finanzprodukten: Ein Vergleich. In: Sammelband zur Tagung: „Stiefkinder der Onomastik“, Mainz, September 2014.