Sailer at Workshop on Encoding Multiword Expressions

September 21 and 22 Manfred attended a Hands-on Workshop on Encoding Multiword Expressions at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Iași, Romania. The workshop was organized as part of the European network Parseme (Parsing and Multiword Expressions).
Workshop participants. Source:

22 researchers working on 15 different languages  participated. Before the workshop started, everyone tried to encode three different MWEs of their languages within the encoding format of DuELME (Dutch Electronic Lexicon of Multiword Expressions). This provided a good starting point for 1.5 days of productive exchange and discussion.

The workshop started with two lectures by Jan Odijk (Utrecht), the project leader of DuELME. After that the participants talked about the needs for encoding MWEs in their languages. In the Hands-on part, the participants tried to encode some easy and some challenging MWEs from several languages.