Guzmán Naranjo on “Quantitative effects and formal models of grammar”

We are glad to announce an invited talk by

Matías Guzmán Naranjo (Leipzig)
Quantitative Effects and Formal Models of Grammar

in the Oberseminar English Linguistics, Monday, June 6, 4-6pm, room IG 3.201.


In this talk I will present a model that tries to combine work on quantitative effects in language with insights from formal approaches to grammar. Although some computational implementations of HPSG and LFG make extensive use of statistics, these are mostly aimed at solving engineering problems rather than addressing theoretical questions. The aim of the model I will present is twofold. On the one hand, it tries to solve some conceptual and practical issues that have been mostly ignored by corpus linguists, and on the other hand it offers a way for formal linguists to directly tests aspects of the theory against quantitative data. I will argue for the viability of the model on the basis of both corpus and psycholinguistic evidence.

Recommended preparatory reading: Pages 137-145 of
Gries, Stefan Th. 2013. 50-something years of work on collocations. What is or should be next … International Journal of Corpus Linguistics 18:1 (2013), 137–165.
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