Rizea, Iordachioăia & Richter on Romanian Negative Polarity Items

Monica-Mihaela Rizea, Gianina Iordachioăia & Frank Richter have cooperated on Romanian Negative Polarity items since Monica’s visit in Frankfurt in April 2016. As a result of this cooperation, they had joint posters at the Parseme meeting in Dubrovnik (September 2016) and the figurative language workshop in Tübingen (December 2016). They also had a joint paper presentation at the 12 International Conference “Linguistic Resources and Tools for Processing the Romanian Language”, Mălini, 27-29 October 2016. The proceedings of this conference are available online and contain their paper.

Monica presenting in Tübingen, December 2016. (Photo: M. Sailer, BY-NC-ND 3.0)

One of the aims of this cooperation is an update of the Romanian part of the Collection of Distributionally Idiosyncratic Items (CoDII), which was initiated by Frank and Gianina and which is now being updated by Monica.



Rizea, Monica-Mihaela, Gianina Iordachioăia & Frank Richter. 2016. A collocational approach to Romanian strong negative polarity items. In: Maria Mitrofan, Daniela Gîfu, Dan Tufiș & Dan Cristea (ed.). Proceedings of the 12th International Conference “Linguistic Resources and Tools for Processing the Romanian Language”. Pages 173-185. URL: http://consilr.info.uaic.ro/2016/Consilr_2016.pdf



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