Linguistic calendar

Today is International Mother Language Day!
A great opportunity to celebrate linguistic diversity, to support projects to explore and protect endangered languages, to find out about language minorities and linguistic diversity in your own country!

Here is a list of holidays and special dates with relation to language and linguistics. This list will hopefully expand in the near future and we will add more information to the indicated events.

  • Feburary 21: Mother Language Day
  • March 20: UN French Language Day
  • March 27: Tolkien Reading Day
  • April 20: UN Chinese Language Day (coinciding with the Chinese celebrations of the mythical figure who is said to have invented the Chinese characters)
  • April 23: UN English Language Day (coinciding with the anniversary of William Shakespeare’s birth)
  • June 6: UN Russian Language Day (coinciding with Aleksandr Pushkin’s birthday). Official website (in Russian)
  • September 26: European Day of Languages
  • October 12: UN Spanish Language Day (coinciding with Spain’s national holiday)
  • December 15: Zamenhof Day/Esperanto Day. The birthday of Ludwig Lazarus Zamenhof (1859-1917), the creator of Esperanto.
  • December 18: UN Arabic Language Day

Drop us a note if you know of other language-related holidays!