Monica Rizea back in Frankfurt!

We are happy to welcome Monica-Mihaela Rizea (Bucharest) back in Frankfurt!

Monica is staying at our department from January 1 to March 31, 2019, as a DAAD fellow with her project “On the Distribution of Negative Polarity Minimizer Expressions. A Collocational and Reading-dependent Account.”

In the project, Monica plans to carry out an analysis of the distribution of Negative Polarity Minimizer Expressions (NPMEs) in order to investigate in more depth whether their occurrence patterns can be accounted for by the general semantic/pragmatic properties of the individual items or whether these patterns are just subject to an idiosyncratic variation. NPMEs have been analyzed in the literature from a theoretical perspective, and not so much from an empirical (corpus linguistic and psycholinguistic) perspective. The project intends to address these research gaps by conducting a theoretical and empirical investigation of the distribution of such expressions starting from Romanian, a language where they were not previously studied systematically.