Rizea in Frankfurt

Monica-Mihaela Rizea (Bucharest) is back in Frankfurt for a research visit at the IEAS. She gave a talk on her recent work on weak Negative Polarity Items in Romanian on Monday, October 22.

Monica showed that so-called vre-NPIs are weak NPIs but have often claimed to be excluded in sentences with a simple negation. She provides a more refined generalization that accounts for both the original intuition of many researchers and clear counterexamples that can be found in corpora and are reflected by native speaker judgments.

Monica had been in Frankfurt in 2016 and there has been a continuous contact with her, which resulted in a conference presentation. Monica also presented during the One-to-many workshop in Stuttgart earlier this year.

Monica will stay in Frankfurt till the end of November. During her visit, Monica and Manfred intend to continue their work on NPIs in Romanian and English.