English Linguistics in the MA Empirical Linguistics

Starting in the winter term 2022/23, the MA program in Empirical Linguistics of Goethe University will have a new area of specialization: English Linguistics.

The application for this specialization is open 01.06.-31.07.2022

Thespecialization English Linguistics will allow BA students with a strong background in formal approaches to the linguistics of the English language to pursue this interest in their BA studies. This is a great opportunity for students from Goethe University with a BA in Empirical Linguistics (specialization English Linguistics) or with a BA in English Studies (and a focus on linguistics). The program should be equally attractive for students from other universities in Germany and abroad with an appropriate background. All courses of the new specialization will be taught in English.

The department of English linguistics combines descriptive, empirical, computational, and formal approaches.

Goethe University is a very active place for linguistic research. Linguists working on a wide variety of languages and subdisciplines of linguistics are enganged in teaching and research, and there are countless collaborations among different working groups, including co-teaching, co-supervision of theses, joint research projects and publications.