Empirical and Theoretical Perspectives on Low-Resource Languages (ETPOLL2022) – Passive and relative clause structures

Host Institution: Goethe-Universität Frankfurt

Dates: 16-Jun-2022 – 20-Jun-2022
Location: Frankfurt am Main, Hessen, Germany

During the course of the workshop, we will discuss various empirical and theoretical approaches in the study of low-resource languages, with a particular focus on passive and relative clause structures. Our topics are relevant for researchers in the fields of linguistic typology, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, empirical linguistics, and applied linguistics.

The languages which will be covered in this workshop include: Arabic, Armenian, Azeri Turkic, Balochi, Domari, Japanese, Kurdish, Neo-Aramaic, Persian, Romeyka, Turkish 

Additionally, the workshop will include a series of lectures on open access publications. The workshop may be of particular interest for MA, PhD, and postdocs, as there will be several presentations on admission formalities and grant possibilities in Germany.
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Minimum Education Level: MA


The workshop will cover empirical and theoretical approaches in the study of low-resource languages. It thereby offers a unique opportunity to learn various perspectives regarding passive and relative clause structures.
Moreover, the relative strengths and weaknesses of these approaches will be discussed in open discussion sessions. In addition, this year we are offering a lecture series on open access publications. Various topics related to the publication of articles and books will be discussed during these sessions. We will also provide presentations on PhD admission formalities alongside workshops on different grant possibilities for MA and PhD students as well as

The workshop on empirical and theoretical approaches to the study of low-resource languages introducing a range of techniques for data collection, their weaknesses and strengths. This may be of interest to researchers from the field of linguistic typology, corpus linguistics, psycholinguistics, cognitive linguistics, and empirical linguistics as well as to researchers working on applied linguistics.

During the workshop, participants with an interest in different linguistic approaches will be able to discuss their ideas and methodology  with members of the teaching team.

The first day will provide a general introduction to passive and relative clause structures. From day two, we will offer a range of empirical, typological, and experimental methods in analyzing data. Participants of the workshop will be doing exercises on some of the languages to get practical experience at working with their object languages. All participants are invited to join a series of plenary research talks on the different topics and also to participate in the general question and answer sessions.

The workshop will be held as a hybrid event, i.e. an online-offline event. In case of any COVID restrictions, the summer school participants will be notified in advance and the event will be fully online.


15 May 2022 to 06 Jun 2022

Contact Person:
Hiwa Asadpour

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