Gerald Penn from University of Toronto in Frankfurt

After a forced hiatus of three years a regular visitor is back at Goethe Universität: Gerald Penn will stay in Frankfurt for six weeks this summer. He will be working with us on the grammar implementation platform we use extensively in teaching and in research, the TRALE system. Our goal is to improve the usability of our interactive server architecture for displaying grammars and syntactic as well as semantic analyses of sentences for students. We are also planning  to extend the sub-module for type-logical semantic analysis of English expressions. This work focuses on obtaining more readable output of semantic representations for non-experts, and to reach a state of the system that allows us to connect logical inference engines and model builders to TRALE. Along the way, many practical aspects of the software stack needed in day-to-day work with a sizeable grammar implementation platform with users around the world will be addressed, such as a new git repository for TRALE, a bug tracking site, and extended debugging tools.