Am-David and Sailer at XPrag Workshop

Assif Am-David and Manfred Sailer held a talk at a workshop titled “Experimental and crosslinguistic evidence for the distinction between implicatures and presuppositions” (July 1-3, 2015). The workshop was a part of the DFG financed XPrag  project which promotes empirical approaches to the study of pragmatics. The workshop took place at the Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (Centre of general linguistics) in Berlin.

At the workshop works from ongoing experimental projects was presented, many of which led by Jacopo Romoli (Ulster University, Northern Ireland).  Assif and Manfred’s talk “Determined reference as a CI component in the meaning of definites” presented typological as well as semantic evidence for the distinction of two meaning dimensions in definites: maximality in the form of a presupposition that is always present and determined reference in the form of a conventional implicature that may, but does not have to occur.