Bargmann, Gehrke & Richter on “How to modify idioms”

Sascha Bargmann, Berit Gehrke (LLF, Paris) & Frank Richter had a joint presentation during the 19th Szklarska Poreba Workshop (February, 23-26). Sascha and Berit attended the meeting and gave a talk on “How to modify idioms”. 

Szklarska Poreba, February 2019 (Photo: S. Bargmann, BY-NC-ND 3.0)

The talk is based on joint research initiated within the DAAD-ANR-funded networking program One-to-many correspondendences in morphology, syntax, and semantics.

In their talk, Sascha, Berit & Frank look at naturally occurring examples of adjectival modifiers in non-decomposable V-NP idioms in German and English, such as kick the bucket ‘die’, den Löffel abgeben (lit.: ‘pass on the spoon’) ‘die’. They provide a classification of the various types of interpretation possible for these cases.