Sailer on attributive “wrong”

The 13th volume of Empirical Issues in Syntax and Semantics contains Manfred Sailer’s paper on Attributive “wrong” in underspecified semantics. The paper is based on Manfred’s talk at CSSP 2019. Manfred argues that there are two non-local readings of attributive wrong, illustrated in (1) and (2).

(1) The police arrested the wrong person.  
‘The person that the police arrested is not (among) the person(s) that the police should have arrested.’

(2) Bluebeard’s wife opened the wrong door.
‘The door that Bluebeard’s wife should not open is among the doors that Bluebeard’s wife opened.’

Manfred develops an analysis of the two readings of attributive wrong in Lexical Resource Semantics.


Sailer, Manfred. Attributive “wrong” in underspecified semantics. In: Christopher Piñon & Laurent Roussarie (eds). Empirical issues in Syntax and Semantics 13. 139-166.