Daxenberger speaks on Neural Text Classification

July 3, Johannes Daxenberger (Darmstadt) gave a talk in Frankfurt on “Neural Text Classification and its Applications for Metaphor Identification and Argumention Mining“.

J. Daxenberger in Frankfurt, July 2017 (Photo: M. Sailer)
J. Daxenberger in Frankfurt a.M., July 2017 (Photo: M. Sailer, BY-NC-ND 3.0)

In the introductory  part of his talk, he presented the overall structure of CeDiFor, a BMBF-funded research center of Digital Humanities in the Rhein-Main area. 

In the main part, he reported on text classification and how this can be used to address two linguistically complex questions: the detection of metaphor and the detection of argumentive structure in essays.