Oberseminar SoSe 2016

Timetable for the Oberseminar  (16:15–17:45, in IG 3.201)

Date Speaker Topic
11.4. Manfred Sailer Semesterplanung
18.4. Monica-Mihaela Rizea Particularities of Romanian as a Negative Concord Language. The Idiosyncratic Behaviour of Nici and an HPSG Account of Long Distance Negative Concord
25.4. Gianina Iordăchioaia  Agents and Causers in Psych Nominals
 2.5. David Lahm  “Different” as a Restrictor on Skolem Functions
9.5. Dianne Jonas
16.5.  Public holiday
23.5. Sabrina Weber Extraposition of prepositional phrases – corpus data and elicited production experiments
 30.5. Carla Parra Escartín How good shall it be? Establishing Machine Translation quality thresholds to boost professional translators productivity.
 6.6. Matías Guzmán Naranjo Quantitative effects and formal models of grammar
13.6. Andy Lücking  Demonstration acts in grammar
20.6. Philippa Cook tba
22.6 Roland Schäfer tba
27.6. Silvia Hansen-Schirra Psycholinguistische Methoden in der Translationswissenschaft
  4.7. Manfred Sailer Recent trends in the formal description of idioms
 11.7. Staff  End of semester celebrations

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